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Ways to avoid holiday sink stoppages so you can ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!

Turkey and dressing and all the trimmings can mean a call to your plumber when you would rather be watching football and eating leftovers! There are a few important things to remember while preparing your meal that could help prevent a stopped up sink that interferes with all the fun:

1)"Feed" your disposal slowly .... don't put potato peeling from 20 potatoes down your drain in 30 seconds. Gradually push food into the disposal so that it can process it well and send it on its way.

2) Always run cold water while your disposal is on. Continue to run water (hot or cold) once your disposal is off .... running water afterwards takes the ground up contents through your sink line, instead of allowing it to settle in a low spot on its way out.

3) IF you have problems with sink stoppages regularly, don't put grease down your disposal. If you do put grease down your drain, run COLD water while the disposer is on, and follow with hot water to wash the grease through the pipes.

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Hoping you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Robert & Nancy Graves

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